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Eliot, Maine: Embrace Southern Maine in York County

Located on the Maine/NewHampshire is Eliot, Maine. This Southern Maine town in York County, is a delight for those looking to immerse themselves in a 400 year old New England town. This charming place of 6,200 residents encompasses approximately 45 square miles. Eliot's architectural styles mirror a blend of classic New England Colonial, Georgian, Federal and even modern and contemporary influences. With the Piscataqua River gracing its western border and lush woodlands weaving through its landscapes, Eliot offers a unique riverine and woodland feel. With a rich history, natural allure, and friendly community, Eliot extends a warm invitation to discover its hidden treasures.


History of Eliot

Eliot boasts a rich history dating back to its incorporation in 1810. The town was named in honor of John Eliot, a prominent preacher and missionary. Eliot's history is deeply intertwined with the Piscataqua River, which served as a vital trade route for early settlers and for the development of mills and shipbuilding in the region.


Weather in Eliot

Eliot experiences a classic New England climate marked by four distinct seasons. Summers are mild and comfortable, with temperatures typically ranging from the mid-60s to the low 80s Fahrenheit. Winters bring cooler temperatures and occasional snowfall, transforming the town into a winter wonderland. Eliot falls under the Köppen climate classification as "Dfa," indicating a humid continental climate with hot summers. While winter storms are not uncommon, but since Eliot is not directly exposed to the ocean, these storms are tempered by the local geography.


Hotels in Eliot

While there are no hotels in Eliot, there are many just across the town line in Kittery, Maine.


Restaurants in Eliot

Eliot's dining scene offers a variety of culinary delights. Popular restaurants like the Shipyard Brew Pub and the 207 Tavern offer fine pub fare. The East Mountain serves up local chinese-american culinary offerings and the White Heron offers local baked goods and coffee.  Eliot is also in close proximity to Kittery, which boasts an array of seafood restaurants and dining options if your cravings aren’t satiated. 


Activities in Eliot

Eliot offers a wealth of activities for families and nature enthusiasts. The town is home to numerous parks and recreational areas, including Eliot Boat Basin Park, which offers stunning riverfront views and a serene atmosphere for picnicking and relaxation. Nearby beaches like Long Sands Beach in York provide opportunities for sun, sand, and seaside fun during the summer months. For history buffs, the Eliot Historical Society offers glimpses into the region's past.


Getting There

Eliot is conveniently accessible via Interstate 95, making it a short drive from nearby cities like Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Kittery, Maine. While the town doesn't have its own airport or train station, the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease and the Amtrak Downeaster service are within reasonable distance, providing additional transportation options for travelers.


Real Estate in Eliot

Eliot's real estate market offers a mix of historical charm and modern living. The median household income in Eliot is in line with the state average, creating a stable living environment. Housing market trends show steady growth, with a range of housing options to cater to diverse preferences. Eliot’s tax rate is $13.50 per $1000 of assessed real estate value.


Education in Eliot

Eliot is served by the local Marshwood School District, providing quality education for its residents. For private education, the Seacoast Waldorf School offers specialized education from pre-K through grade 8.


Amenities in Eliot

Eliot offers essential amenities to meet residents' daily needs. Cumberland Farms offers convenience in central Eliot, whereby supermarkets like Hannaford’s in York and Trader Joe’s in New Hampshire can provide all alimentary needs. While there are no pharmacies in Eliot, there are two Cannabis dispensaries: East Coast Cannabis and Cannabis Cured both on route 236. 



Eliot, Maine, encapsulates the essence of a serene New England town, where history, natural beauty, and a welcoming community converge. Whether you're seeking a tranquil escape, a place to raise a family, or simply a picturesque spot to explore, Eliot has something special to offer. Its blend of architectural charm, outdoor activities, and hospitable atmosphere make it a town worth discovering and calling home.



1. What are some popular outdoor activities in Eliot and the surrounding area?

Eliot and its neighboring towns offer various outdoor activities, including hiking, picnicking, and kayaking in local parks and along the riverfront. The nearby beaches provide opportunities for swimming and beachcombing. Additionally, the region is known for its scenic drives and opportunities for bird-watching and wildlife observation.


2. How far is Eliot from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and what attractions are there to explore in Portsmouth?

Eliot is situated just across the Piscataqua River from Portsmouth, making it easily accessible via the nearby bridges. Portsmouth offers a vibrant downtown with historic sites, art galleries, museums, and a variety of restaurants and shops. Visitors can explore Strawbery Banke Museum, Prescott Park, and enjoy waterfront dining along the city's scenic harbor.


3. Is Eliot, Maine, a good place to raise a family?

Yes, Eliot is often considered a family-friendly community with its peaceful atmosphere, quality schools, and access to outdoor activities. The town's proximity to larger cities like Portsmouth and Kittery provides opportunities for entertainment and employment while offering a quieter suburban lifestyle.