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Gray, Maine: Discover the Tranquil Charms of Cumberland County's Gem

Gray, situated in picturesque Cumberland County, Southern Maine, is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored. Spanning over 57 square miles, this quaint town home to approximately 8,000 residents lies just a half an hour’s drive from downtown Portland. Gray’s bucolic landscape offers a glimpse into its rich history, it is a gorgeous New England town with classic New England styles, including Colonial and Cape Cod-inspired designs. The town is a must-stop for any would-be traveler!


Weather in Gray

Gray experiences the classic New England climate characterized by distinct seasons. Summers are mild, with temperatures averaging in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit. Winters bring colder weather and occasional snowfall, making it a charming destination for winter enthusiasts. This leafy locale also has a breathtaking fall with warm autumnal colors and the crisp cold morning air that one can expect from Maine.


History of Gray

Gray boasts a rich history intertwined with notable figures and events. The town was once home to Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of America's most celebrated authors. Its roots trace back to the 18th century, with a significant role in Maine's industrial history. Gray is also famous for hosting the annual Cumberland County Fair, a tradition dating back to 1868, showcasing its deep cultural heritage and connection to agriculture.


Hotels in Gray

Gray offers a selection of comfortable accommodations for visitors. The Hilton Garden Inn Freeport Downtown, located a short drive away, provides modern amenities and a convenient location. For those seeking a cozier experience, Gray has charming bed and breakfasts like the Maine Idyll Motor Court, where you can enjoy a peaceful stay with personalized service and a taste of local hospitality.


Restaurants in Gray

Despite its small size, Gray has a range of dining options to satisfy various tastes. Tailgate Bar and Grill offers classic American cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere. Those craving authentic Italian fare can enjoy the delicious dishes at Ricetta's Brick Oven Ristorante. For a quick bite or sweet treat, stop by the Dairy Joy, a local favorite for ice cream and comfort food.


Activities in Gray

Gray provides a plethora of activities for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the tranquil trails of the Gray Wildlife Park and Demonstration Forest, where you can encounter local wildlife and enjoy nature's beauty. For a day by the water, Crystal Lake Park offers a sandy beach and recreational facilities. The town's historical society and museums provide a deeper insight into Gray's past, while nearby destinations like Pineland Farms offer a variety of family-friendly activities.


Getting There

Gray is easily accessible via Interstate 95, making it a short drive from nearby cities like Portland and Freeport. Although Gray doesn't have its own airport or train station, the Portland International Jetport and Amtrak's Downeaster service are within reasonable reach, providing additional transportation options for travelers.


Homes for Sale in Gray

Gray's real estate market offers a mix of historic charm and modern living. The median household income in Gray is in line with the state average, creating a stable living environment. Housing market trends show a steady demand for homes in the area, with diverse options ranging from historic residences to more contemporary properties. The real estate tax is assessed at the mill rate of $13.95 per $1000 of assessed property value at 100% market rate.



Gray provides quality education options for its residents. The Gray-New Gloucester School District serves the town and includes Gray-New Gloucester High School and Gray-New Gloucester Middle School


Amenities in Gray

Gray offers essential amenities to meet residents' everyday needs. Nearby supermarkets like Hannaford Supermarket and Walmart provide convenient grocery shopping options. For DIY enthusiasts and homeowners, Lowe's Home Improvement store is a short drive away. Pharmacies like Rite Aid and Walgreens are also readily accessible, ensuring access to healthcare and medication.



Gray, Maine, is a hidden gem in Cumberland County, offering a peaceful and close-knit community, rich history, and access to natural beauty. Whether you're looking for a tranquil place to live, explore New England's heritage, or simply enjoy the changing seasons, Gray has something special to offer. Its blend of architectural charm, outdoor activities, and modern amenities make it a town worth discovering and calling home.



1. What outdoor activities are available in Gray during the winter months?

Gray's winter wonderland offers plenty of outdoor activities, including snowshoeing and cross-country skiing at the Gray Wildlife Park and Demonstration Forest. Nearby skiing destinations like Shawnee Peak provide downhill skiing and snowboarding options. The annual Cumberland County Fair also transforms into a winter wonderland with seasonal attractions for all ages.


2. Is Gray a family-friendly town?

Gray's family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and recreational options make it a great place for families. The town's commitment to preserving its natural beauty and historical heritage ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for children to grow and explore.


3. Are there cultural events or festivals in Gray?

Gray is known for hosting the annual Cumberland County Fair, a beloved tradition dating back to 1868. The fair offers a variety of attractions, including agricultural exhibits, rides, entertainment, and delicious food. Additionally, Gray's historical society and museums often host events and exhibits that celebrate the town's rich heritage and culture.