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Paris, Maine: A Charming Gem in Oxford County

Paris, located in Oxford County, is located in the heart of Western Maine. With a population of approximately 5,200 and covering about 68 square miles, Paris boasts a landscape defined by rolling hills, picturesque lakes, and dense woodlands. This charming town exudes a quintessential New England feel, offering a mix of rural and small-town living. Whether you're exploring its historic architecture, enjoying outdoor adventures, or simply savoring the tranquil ambiance, Paris invites you to experience the best of Maine.


History of Paris, Maine

Paris has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. Notable figures like Hannibal Hamlin, who later became Abraham Lincoln's Vice President, hailed from this town. The area's historical architecture includes well-preserved Federal-style homes, vintage churches, and a quaint downtown district showcasing Paris’ milling and logging days.


Weather in Paris, Maine

Paris experiences a diverse climate typical of Maine. Winters are cold with occasional snowstorms, making it a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. Summers are warm, ideal for exploring the outdoors. Fall brings the beautiful autumnal foliage that is so famous in New England, while spring brings vibrant blooms and green meadows.


Hotels in Paris, Maine

While Paris is a relatively small town, there are a few cozy lodging options nearby. The Poland Spring Resort, located nearby, provides a historic and luxurious experience. There is also the Kings’ Hill Inn and Barn in nearby South Paris.


Amenities in Paris, Maine

Paris may be small, but it's home to delightful dining establishments. The Paris Farmers Union Café is a local favorite, serving hearty breakfasts and lunches. There are also several dining options in nearby South Paris and West Paris.


Activities in Paris, Maine

Activities in Paris cater to various interests. Families can explore the Paris Hill Historic District, take leisurely strolls along the Little Androscoggin River, or enjoy picnics at Moore Park. Outdoor enthusiasts can hit the trails at Roberts Farm Preserve or swim and fish in the nearby lakes. History buffs will appreciate the Hamlin Memorial Library and Museum.


Getting to Paris, Maine

Getting to Paris is convenient, with access via Route 26 and Route 117. While there's no airport in town, the Portland International Jetport is around an hour's drive away. Public transportation options are limited, but the town is easily reachable by car.


Real Estate in Paris, Maine

Real estate in Paris offers a blend of historic homes, modern developments, and rural properties. The median household income is in line with the state average, making it an attractive place to settle down. Housing market trends in recent years have shown a steady increase in property values, reflecting the town's desirability. The mill rate is $16.10.


Education in Paris, Maine

Paris is served by the Maine School Administrative District #17, providing quality education to local students. Several private and parochial schools are also available within a reasonable commute.


Amenities near Paris, Maine

Amenities near to Paris include supermarkets and pharmacies like the Hannaford Supermarket in Oxford, DIY stores such as Paris Farmers Union for home improvement needs The town doesn't boast large malls, but you'll find charming boutiques and shops around Oxford County.



Paris, Maine, is a hidden gem offering a harmonious blend of history, natural beauty, and small-town charm. Whether you're considering a visit or making it your permanent home, Paris promises a warm and welcoming experience that captures the essence of Maine.



What are the outdoor recreational opportunities in Paris, Maine?

Paris offers hiking, fishing, swimming, and winter sports in its beautiful natural surroundings.


Is Paris, Maine, a good place to raise a family?

Yes, with quality schools and a safe, close-knit community, Paris is an excellent place for families.


Are there cultural attractions in Paris?

Yes, the Hamlin Memorial Library and Museum showcases the town's rich history, and you can explore historic architecture throughout Paris Hill Historic District