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Coffee & Tea


Coffee by Design: A Rich Brew of Excellence in Portland, Maine

Welcome to Coffee by Design, a renowned coffee shop and roaster that has been serving up a rich brew of excellence in the heart of Portland, Maine. With an unwavering commitment to quality coffee and a fascinating history, Coffee by Design has become a beloved fixture in the local coffee scene and a cherished destination for coffee enthusiasts from far and wide.

A Coffee Lover's Haven
For coffee lovers, Coffee by Design is nothing short of a haven. From the moment you step through the doors, the tantalizing aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans envelops you, inviting you to indulge in the world of exceptional coffee. With a diverse selection of coffee beans sourced from around the globe, each cup is a delightful journey through distinct flavor profiles and unique origins.

Quality Roasting Process
At Coffee by Design, the roasting process is an art form. The skilled roasters take great care in sourcing only the finest beans and meticulously crafting each batch to perfection. The result is coffee that is rich, full-bodied, and bursting with flavor. From light roasts that highlight the intricate nuances of the beans to dark roasts that deliver bold and robust flavors, the commitment to quality shines through in every sip.

A History of Passion
The story of Coffee by Design began in 1994 when Mary Allen Lindemann and Alan Spear opened their first coffee shop in Portland's Old Port district. Their passion for coffee and dedication to creating an exceptional coffee experience quickly earned them a devoted following. As the business grew, so did their commitment to supporting sustainable and fair-trade practices, ensuring that every cup of coffee makes a positive impact on both the community and the environment.

Supporting the Local Community
Coffee by Design has always been deeply rooted in the local community. Beyond serving exceptional coffee, the business actively supports local artists, contributing to the vibrant arts scene in Portland. The coffee shops often feature rotating art exhibits, providing a unique and welcoming space for artists to showcase their talent. Additionally, the company partners with local organizations to support various causes, demonstrating their dedication to giving back to the community that has embraced them.

A Unique and Inviting Atmosphere
The coffee shops of Coffee by Design are more than just places to grab a cup of joe; they are inviting spaces that foster connection and camaraderie. Whether you're seeking a cozy corner to work or a friendly spot to catch up with friends, the warm and welcoming ambiance of Coffee by Design provides the perfect backdrop for shared moments over a great cup of coffee.

Educating and Engaging Coffee Lovers
Beyond serving exceptional coffee, Coffee by Design is also passionate about educating and engaging coffee enthusiasts. The staff is well-versed in coffee knowledge and loves to share their expertise with customers. From explaining the nuances of different coffee beans to recommending brewing methods, they empower customers to explore and appreciate the world of coffee on a deeper level.

A Coffee Legacy
Over the years, Coffee by Design has evolved into a true coffee legacy in Portland, Maine. Through their unwavering commitment to quality, community, and sustainability, they have set a standard for excellence in the coffee industry. Whether you're a devoted coffee enthusiast or simply seeking an authentic and enriching coffee experience, Coffee by Design invites you to join them on a flavorful journey through the world of exceptional coffee. Step into one of their inviting coffee shops, savor the aroma, and experience the passion and dedication that make Coffee by Design a true gem in the heart of Portland.