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New Photobook Highlights the Landscape and People of Vinalhaven Island, Maine.


**We’re excited to feature Joel Greenberg’s Interview with NBC News Center - Maine’s Rob Caldwell below:



A limited edition coffee table photobook has been released, showcasing the beauty of Vinalhaven Island through stunning black and white photographs and narratives which accompany the photos. You can order the book here:


Exploring Vinalhaven, Maine: A Secluded Island Retreat 

Located off the coast of Maine, the picturesque island of Vinalhaven lies in the heart of the idyllic Penobscot Bay. This tiny New England island fishing village offers a charming harbor, rugged landscapes, and vibrant community that transforms into a summer haven for those seeking a true reset from modern life. With its rustic charm and slower pace of life, Vinalhaven is the ultimate Maine vacation getaway. 

A Glimpse into Vinalhaven's History 

Vinalhaven's history is as intriguing as its landscapes. Originally inhabited by the Penobscot Native Americans, the island was later discovered by European explorers and established as a fishing and farming community. The 19th century brought a booming granite industry, shaping the island's identity and architecture. Evidence of this history can be seen in the beautifully preserved Victorian homes and granite quarries that still dot the island. Many have filled up with fresh water and have become natural pools for those looking to enjoy a warmer water experience than the ocean. 

Nature's Canvas: Vinalhaven's Landscape 

Vinalhaven's natural beauty is its most captivating feature. The island's rugged coastline, adorned with rocky shores and pristine beaches, offers an unbeatable backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails wind through lush forests, the smell of coniferous wood permeates as the fallen needles and moss pillow your footsteps through the trails often leading to stunning vistas of Isle Au Haut, North Haven and the mainland. Kayakers and boaters can explore the intricate network of coves and inlets, while birdwatchers can spot a variety of species along the shores and in the island's marshes. 

A Tight-Knit Community 

Vinalhaven's warm and welcoming community adds to the island's charm. The island's year-round residents, known for their hospitality, create a sense of authenticity that other Maine locales have lost. Due to its isolation, islanders are ruggedly self-sufficient. Craftsmanship is on full display and wood and granite sculptures can be found throughout the island with many workshops open to visitors. 

The Arts Flourish on Vinalhaven 

Art lovers will find Vinalhaven to be a haven of creativity. The island's stunning landscapes have attracted artists from New York City and Boston for generations, resulting in a vibrant arts scene. Many artists have established studios on the island, including the late Robert Indiana. The annual Vinalhaven Art Walk is a highlight for both locals and tourists, offering a chance to connect with artists, discuss their work, and gain insight into their creative process. 

Getting to Vinalhaven 

Reaching Vinalhaven is an adventure in itself. Most visitors access the island via the Maine State Ferry Service, which offers regular departures from the nearby town of Rockland. Although bikes can be rented on the island, it is generally recommended to bring a vehicle to truly explore the island.

The 2023 Summer Ferry schedule can be viewed here:

Planning Your Visit 

As you plan your visit to Vinalhaven, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The island's climate can vary, so packing layers is recommended. Summers are mild and ideal for outdoor activities, while winters can be chilly but offer a unique non-touristy experience. Many of the island's accommodations, ranging from charming bed-and-breakfasts to cozy cottages, offer stunning ocean views, amazing sunsets and unparalleled star gazing.


How do I get to Vinalhaven, Maine?

Vinalhaven is accessible by ferry from Rockland, Maine that runs six times a day in the summer. One can also take a plane onto the island as there is a small landing strip.

Should I bring a car to Vinalhaven, Maine?

To truly explore the island it is generally recommended to bring a car as there are paved roads. Bicycles can also be rented on the island.


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