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Waterboro, Maine: Uncover Lakeside Serenity in York County's Heart

Found in the heart of York County, within the Portland Metropolitan area, Waterboro invites you to discover its leafy charm. Encompassing approximately 61 square miles, this idyllic town with its many lakes and rivers, is home to a friendly community of around 7,800 residents. Waterboro's architectural tapestry weaves together a blend of styles, including traditional New England and Colonial influences, creating an atmosphere that perfectly complements its lush woodlands and rolling landscapes. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat or a place to call home, Waterboro extends a warm invitation to explore its timeless riverine landscape.


Weather in Waterboro

Waterboro experiences the classic New England climate with distinct seasons. Summers are mild and inviting, with temperatures averaging in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit. Winters bring cooler temperatures and occasional snowfall, providing a picturesque backdrop for winter wonderlanders. Waterboro falls under the Köppen climate classification as "Dfb," indicating a warm-summer continental or hemiboreal climate. While winter storms are not uncommon, the town is well-prepared to handle them, ensuring a cozy and safe atmosphere for residents.


History of Waterboro

Waterboro boasts a rich history with connections to notable individuals. Established in 1787, the town has deep roots in Maine's early development and played a crucial role in shaping the region's history. With its many rivers and streams, Waterboro was home to many many mills that drove the local industry. Today, echoes of its storied past can be seen in its historic sites and preserved landmarks. Waterboro was also the birthplace of Israel Washburn Jr., a prominent Maine politician and the state's 29th governor. 


Restaurants in Waterboro

While Waterboro may be a small town, it boasts a selection of dining options to satisfy various palates. The Country Girl Cafe and Sandwich Shop offers classic American cuisine in a cozy setting, while The Landlocked Lobster Pound serves up fresh seafood dishes, including the region's famous lobster rolls. 


Activities in Waterboro

Waterboro offers a wealth of activities for families and nature enthusiasts. Explore the serene trails of the Waterboro Barrens Preserve, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the woodlands and observe local wildlife. Nearby Lake Ossipee provides opportunities for swimming, boating, and fishing, making it a summer destination for residents and visitors. For a glimpse into the town's history, you can visit the Waterboro Historical Society, which celebrates the area's heritage.


Getting There

Waterboro is easily accessible via Interstate 95, making it a convenient drive from neighboring cities like Portland and Sanford. While the town doesn't have its own airport or train station, the Portland International Jetport and Amtrak's Downeaster service are within reasonable distance, providing additional transportation options for travelers.


Real Estate in Waterboro

Waterboro's real estate market offers a blend of historical charm and modern living. Southern Maine’s largest development, Lake Arrowhead Community is located on the east shore of Waterboro’s Lake Arrowhead. Housing market trends indicate steady growth, with a range of housing options to cater to diverse preferences. Additionally, the real estate tax mill rate is $14.00 per $1000 of assessed property market value.



Waterboro is served by the local RSU 57 School District, providing quality education for its residents. Families in Waterboro have access to both public and nearby private education like the Stillwater School in Hollis, ME.


Amenities in Waterboro

Waterboro offers essential amenities to meet residents' daily needs. Nearby supermarkets like Merill’s Country Store and the Milk Room can supply most modern conveniences with a nearby Plummer’s in Buxton, ME. An Ace Hardware can also be found in nearby Limington, ME.



Waterboro, Maine, embodies the essence of a serene New England town, where history, natural beauty, and a welcoming community converge. Whether you're seeking a tranquil escape, a place to raise a family, or simply a picturesque spot to explore, Waterboro has something special to offer. Its blend of architectural charm, outdoor activities, and hospitable atmosphere make it a town worth discovering and calling home.



1. Are there any notable annual events or festivals in Waterboro?

Waterboro often hosts community events and celebrations, including local fairs, craft festivals, and holiday gatherings. These events bring residents together and showcase the town's vibrant community spirit.


2. What outdoor activities are available in Waterboro during the summer months?

Summer in Waterboro offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking and nature walks in the Waterboro Barrens Preserve. Lake Ossipee provides opportunities for swimming, boating, and picnicking. The region's scenic landscapes are perfect for exploring and enjoying the natural beauty of Southern Maine.


3. How far is Waterboro from major cities like Portland and Boston?

Waterboro is conveniently located within a reasonable driving distance from Portland, Maine, which is approximately 40 miles away. Boston, Massachusetts, is also accessible by car, with a distance of around 90 miles. Both cities offer additional amenities and cultural attractions for Waterboro residents and visitors.