Kennebunkport's First Bed and Breakfast


In the heart of Kennebunkport, where salty breezes whisper secrets to weathered clapboard houses, stands the Chetwynd House Inn. No ordinary bed and breakfast, this 1840s sea captain's home oozes history from its sea-worn shingles to its creaking floorboards. Step inside and be transported to a bygone era of maritime adventures and whispered tales. Sunlight dances through stained-glass windows, illuminating antiques that whisper of rum runners and lobster hauls.


Guest rooms, each a unique haven, beckon with plush beds and cozy quilts, promising restful nights lulled by the distant ocean's song. Unwind in the spacious parlor, warmed by a crackling fireplace and filled with the scent of old books and pipe tobacco. Or, lose yourself in a classic novel on the sun-drenched porch, watching the world stroll by in the quaint town square just steps away.


Though breakfast is no longer served, the Chetwynd House Inn remains a haven for creating lasting memories. Share stories with fellow travelers over steaming cups of coffee, or wander the cobblestone streets, discovering Kennebunkport's charming shops and delectable restaurants. The inn is not just a place to stay; it's a portal to a simpler time, where the sea whispers secrets and history comes alive with every creak and sigh of the old house.


Other similar accommodations are the Old Parsonage Guest House, and The Chetwynd House.

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